Highlander Pipeline

Highlander Pipeline is the recommended student starting web page or portal for NJIT students which is used to register online and get access to NJIT's computing systems. You have a personalized "My NJIT" page similar to "My Yahoo" and other portals which you can customize. When you log in, it will recognize you as a student and deliver customized bulletins. This will offer you a seamless connection to existing applications such as Web for Students, WebCT and the new Endeavor Integrated Library System.

Highlander Pipeline also serves as a message and conference center for courses, individuals, classes, clubs, and any number of different groups. It provides a rich intranet for the NJIT community as well as a secure and personalized gateway to the World Wide Web. To log in you are required to use your NJIT UCID login and password. For additional information, go to http://www.njit.edu/cp/login.php.