eLearning @ NJIT

Welcome to NJIT’s eLearning orientation web site.

This web site will provide students that are currently taking (or thinking of taking) an eLearning course with important information about the university’s eLearning learning support services and computing resources available at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

  1. If you are thinking of enrolling in an online course we suggest you take this quiz to find out if you are ready for eLearning.
  2. If you have already registered, select Starting Your Class to find information about the basic structure of NJIT’s eLearning courses.
  3. eLearning Tools will give you an introduction to some of the components that are frequently used in eLearning. You’ll find out about Highlander Pipeline (the NJIT web portal), information about getting access to course lectures, Moodle as well as other tools that can be used to enhance your course materials.
  4. In NJIT Key Contacts, you will learn about university offices you may need to contact during the semester.

We hope this web site will make your NJIT eLearning experience a more positive one. Your feedback on this web site is important to us, so please e-mail any comments to instruction@njit.edu